Watershed Issues
Watershed Issues
The watershed is where we began and where we are today. During volunteer events we always ask the groups 'does anybody know what a watershed is?'.
The dictionary definition goes like this: Watershed- an area of land that drains into a body of water.
The Upper South Platte Watershed consists of 2600 square miles of mountains, streams, forest, cities and towns. It supplies nearly 75% of Colorado's drinking water. The health of the watershed is of vital importance, now and in the future. Our mission begins and ends with the watershed.
So just what are the issues in the Upper South Platte watershed?

All aspects of the enviroment and human impact affect this. Recreation, industry, lifestyle all impact the water and its sources.We work on the ground, in the classroom, and in the boardroom to ensure ours and future generations enjoy the splendor and the life giving essence of nature. All other concerns flow from this.

The trees and plants and animals all form a living filter whose health directly affects the water quality.

While wildfire is a natural part of the eco-system, it has been greatly impacted by human activity. Catastrophic fires such as the Hayman have had horrifying effects on the watershed. Through work with partners on CWPP's and through our field crew we directly face the challenge of mitigating future fires of this magnitude. Our crew includes 6 certified wildland firefighters who are uniquely positioned to respond quickly to immediate threats to property and environment.

We work in classrooms and in the field to eductate both young and old about the gifts we have and how to keep them. Schoolchildren have helped us grow trees. Our video productions focus on practical education and will continue to provide a FREE resource for all who wish it.Our service learning site provideds K-12 teachers with curriculum materials and opportunities to extend learning into the field.

Such is the scope of the work that confronts us, especially with the Hayman fire area, that meaningful progress would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers that help us every year.

Our need for energy sources not only affects where we live, many of them could be met in the future by where we live. We continue our commitment to the watershed and its people by working toward the energy of the future. Updated local alternative energy information is available at: Tellerenergy.com

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