Community Wildfire Protection Plan
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In this dry climate, wildfire is always a threat. A Community Wildfire  Protection Plan (CWPP) draws a map of your community and identifies  the location of things that are important, or valued by the residents,  and it provides suggested strategies and projects to protect those  values in case of a wildfire.  Values at risk are individual to each  community: homes are an obvious value to community members, but values  can also include roads for evacuation, wells, other structures,  wildlife habitat, or even the view.

A CWPP that is specific to where you live draws attention to the  projects the community has decided need to be done, and helps to  outline the project priority. You, as a community, can plan and take  action to reduce those risks in a way that is reasonable and  acceptable to your way of life.  Accomplishing CWPP projects will help  to protect your home, your neighborhood, and your community by  reducing the possibility that wildfire will destroy it all.

There are no laws to make you develop these plans, but many grants do  require them.  Insurance companies are recognizing that CWPPs do  make a difference to community safety and are encouraging CWPP  development. Grants are available to help with funding the projects  covered by a CWPP to reduce the risk of wildfire.  Has your community  written a plan yet?  For assistance, contact CUSP or your local  Colorado State Forest Service office.

Useful Documents
CUSP CWPP application cover letter (pdf)

CUSP New CWPP application (pdf)

CUSP application for existing CWPP (pdf)

Implementation Application (pdf)
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