Fire at Catamount
CUSP Pile Burn at Catamount*
Living with fire is a part of life in the watershed. CUSP has a mission to help teach how, not to avoid, but to co-exist and survive fire. Several CUSP staff members are red-carded wildland firefighters. They are affliliated with Florissant Volunteer Fire and RescueMountain Communities Volunteer Fire Dept., and the Teller Co. Wildland Task Force. They are one prong of CUSP's attack on wildfires. The other is our role in helping communities obtain CWPP's (Community Wildfire Protection Plans).
Living in the high forest is living with fire. The main question is not IF it will happen, but HOW will you deal with it. A healthy forest is one that can burn without becomming an out of control wildfire. A survivable home is one with Defensible Space. Below are a list of resources for living with fire.

* Burns conducted with Fire Crews on hand. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME
CUSP FIRE Resources
CUSP's new brush truck!
Shown parked below the Waldo-Canyon fire, CUSPs new brush truck- A slide-in firefighting unit has been donated by Mountain Communities Fire Department. CUSP is now working on outfitting a truck to use it on- thus creating yet another fire-fighting asset in the Upper South Platte Watershed.
Recent Fires

Not only does CUSP respond to fire restoration, but our crew actively responds to the needs of local disasters. This is a list of the crews firefighting highlights for the last several years:

Waldo Fire info at:
Friday firewise tips: Archive

CUSP's Fire Crew
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