Forest Issues
Forest Issues
CUSP works extensively in the forest- on both public and private lands. Forest Health is a primary concern for all stakeholders in the watershed. Our defensible space work is closely tied to CWPPs and our crew's goals as wildland firefighters. Our chipper program aids in the removal of slash, as well as mitigation of both Pine Beetles and Mistletoe- two scourges of our forests.
Our video page has an instructional series on how to recognize and eliminate theMountain Pine Beetle. Our foresters are out in the field marking trees and making treatment prescriptions so that thining operations can also remove diseased and damaged trees- achieving multiple goals in a single operation.

The 138,000 acre Hayman fire has left the watershed with a massive scar which is still part of the forest. We organize massive plantings every year to aid the forest in regeneration. Our noxious weed program aims to streamline the reporting and removal of alien and toxic weeds from the forest and surrounding areas.
The forest is so vital to clean water and air-and offers so many recreation and industrial options- that its vibrance and vitality must be protected. At CUSP we strive to do that in a way that is consistent with community values and supports all the activities we have come to the mountains to enjoy.
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