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One of our most popular programs, the Chipper Program, sends a crew and our 125 h.p. Morebark chipper out to process woody material into mulch. Usually this is done on a cost share basis, where residents contribute labor, and pay a nominal fee for the service. The chipper is powerful and can chomp through huge piles of slash in an amazingly short time. Contact CUSP for more information, or to schedule a chipper date for your HOA, or neighborhood.
Our crews are professionals and will work with you for a safe, efficent clean-up. Please follow their lead and advice on chipping projects. We pride ourselves on our safety record. Here is our chipper brochure: Neighborhood Fuels Reduction Program -PDF Here is a chipper safety sheet -PDF for more information.

For smaller projects, considered hauling your slash to one of the watersheds slash sites:
Divide slash site:
Fairplay slash site:

What you need to know:

The chipper is serious equipment, wear safety gear: sturdy footwear, ear and eye protection, gloves and chaps if you have them.

Hardhats will be provided if you don't have them.

Stack piles neatly and face all limb "butts" OUT- for easy grabbing and feeding

Wear "cuffless gloves" Cuffs can snag branches while feeding the chipper

Arrive rested and DRINK plenty of water.

Take breaks and rest if you become winded.
Chipper Safety:

Keep work area clean!

Never approach chipper without an attendant, and their permission.

Feed chipper from side of hopper- NOT the center.

Don't hurry- keep an orderly line and feed the hopper when motioned to.

Always watch for traffic if you're on a thoroughfare- they may be gawking- stay safe
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