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Energy is everyone's concern. That's why at CUSP, we are developing our own energy policy. We support new, clean technologies and the wise conservation of energy sources.
We are currently evaluating the possibility of moving to renewable energy for our office and computer services. Working with new partner,s we are trying to help expand clean energy practices and opportunities within the watershed.
We all have a vested interest in energy use- it is vital to our economy and way of life. Our 'Men in Green" video explains a project we are trying to implement and the impact that electrical generation has on our water supply.
We'll all be making new choices in how we meet our energy needs in the future. Our current supplies will not last forever. The need for wise descisions begins with frank discussions- Something CUSP is renowned for.
Stay tuned to this page as we expand our capabilities and work ever more in this vital area. The watershed's' health is also directly tied to the choices we make in how we fuel our future.
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