The Waldo Canyon WARSSS (Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply) report has been released. This is a HUGE document and is broken down here into 5 parts. Appendix C and Appendix D are very large as well, and may take some time to open in your browser.
1) Waldo Canyon Fire Assessment Report
2) Appendix A.WRENSS Water Yield Model
3) Appendix B. Stream Classification
4) Appendix C .Representative & Reference Reaches
5) Appendix D. Watershed Summaries

The Waldo Fire Plan is now available. There are some very large files here, too. Please notice the file size after each link to determine if your current connection is suitable for download.

1) Final Waldo Canyon Fire Master Restoration Plan - 90MB
2) Stream Types & Conditions -1MB
3) Cumulative Sediment Sources -1MB
4) Change In Water Yield Bank Erosion Rates -1MB
5) Channel Treatment - 1MB
6) 11x17 Appendix II Pages for Master Restoration Plan -30MB
7) Final Waldo Design Presentation for the Public 5-2-2013 - 50MB

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